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The 40 hour read-a-thon, 14 hours in

Started about 3.45pm yesterday afternoon and now 14 hours in I'd thought I'd post a little about the experience so far.

Have read 6 books so far.. the books and the times I started and finished them are listed below

1. Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo by Lawrence Anthony and Graham Spence. Started: 3.45pm/Finished 7.30pm (also had dinner during that time and Erik distracted me for a bit when he got home from work)
2. Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. Started: 7.55pm/Finished: 12.08am (Saturday)
3. The Word on Love : A Biblical Celebration of Love by Barbour Publishing, Inc. Started: 12.15am/Finished: 12.28am
4. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Started: 12.39am/Finished: 2.47am
5. Garfield Sits Around the House by Jim Davis. Started: 3.01am/Finished: 3.24am
6. Duet by David Hill. Started: 3.40am/Finished: 5.12am

And have just started 25 Ultimate Experiences: Wonders of the World by Rough Guides

Am finding it ok so far.. am a little tired and very cold.. I did have a hot water bottle up my hoodie. I'm keeping track of the books I read and the times in my little red journal and writing what I thought of each book for when I journal them on BookCrossing Sunday morning after I finish.

Am also starting to feel a little bit hungry... will have a mandarin soon I think. I plan on treating myself to pancakes or something for breakfast so might head out in a few hours with a book, journal and pen in my handbag.

I have found this to be a good exercise in reflection while reading also and am enjoying myself. I'm feeling quite stoked that $90 has been pledged and donated... the awesome thing is that it has been all BookCrossers that have donated so far. Thanks!

40 Hour Read-A-Thon this weekend

Starting tomorrow afternoon I am doing a challenge of a 40 Hour Read-A-Thon where I will read for 40 hours over the weekend. A girl from ITC was organising the 40 Hour Famine and since this year they are encouraging people to do something different I decided I would read for 40 hours..

If you would like to sponsor me my online page can be found here - https://www.famine.org.nz/faminebook.aspx?username=alkalinekiwi and I will be posting a list on this journal (and maybe twittering through books read) of what books I will be reading during the 40 hours of reading.

I have made a label to stick inside the books I read and will later release for the challenge.. whipped it together in Paint.Net

  • 12:02 Went to the doctor's last night.. appears I have a sprain or muscle spasms.. have been given pills for this.. #
  • 12:05 Erik bought me chocolate for our 1 year, 4 month anniversary... random but sweet #
  • 18:38 Going out to a birthday dinner of a friend tonight :D Yay #
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  • 15:45 Took today off course and slept all morning.. feeling better as far as the cough is concerned but my shoulder hurts like woah :( #

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  • 08:19 Is at course and coughing.. plan on having a nap when I get home this afternoon #
  • 13:38 @geg_thomas Happy birthday! #
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Holiday.. the first few days

So I'm here in Wellington for the third night of my holiday so thought I should update while I still have access to the internet (Jay's flat has wireless yay)

Saturday started about 5:30am when me and Erik got ready and had last minute packing. We were out of milk and not wanting to make any dishes before heading off we dropped in to McDonalds on the way to catch the bus.
Caught the bus without any trouble and it was fairly comfortable. There was toilet stops at Hamilton and another town (Taihape maybe?) that I can't remember the name of, and meal breaks in Rotorua (we had a kebab) and Palmerston North (Chinese) and we rolled into Wellington about 8pm where Jay met us at the railway station not long after.

Back at Jay's we had more food (homemade tomato soup and cheese scones) and sat around chatting until we went to bed a little before midnight.

Sunday we got up around 8:30am so we could head into town to catch the service at 10:30am at Wellington City Corps. Having never been to the church in Wellington I found it quite impressive and enjoyed the speakers and the music was nice too. After the service we chatted to some people, telling the corps officer about BookCrossing (he seemed really interested in it) and we got an easter egg for morning tea.
Headed to a fruit and vege market after the service where we got lunch and some snacks before wandering around the city for a bit. Went to a pet store and went ga-ga over puppies and kittens.

After 2pm we caught the Flyer bus service to the airport to collect skyring and [Bad username: kayjay_haitch"], there was hugs all round when we saw them and then back to Jay's place where we sat in the lounge, talked and swapped books. Had very yummy homemade pizza with lots of toppings for dinner... I am drooling remembering it.

Today we went for a visit to Te Papa (Jay gave us the guided tour) then had rolls with a range of fillings for lunch in a nice spot out of the wind. Then some more of a tour of Te Papa after lunch.

Pete, Kevin and Jay headed off to pick up MissMarkey from the airport after Te Papa so Erik and I visited Pulsar Max where we both spent more than we expected to (I bought a couple of mangas and Kingdom Hearts cards) then we raced off to meet the others along with a couple of Wellington members for dinner, was going to have dinner at Mac's but as they were closing the bar we ended up going to One Red Dog which was a good choice.. I had a yummy spicy cajun soup for dinner.

After dinner we headed back by bus to Jay's where we have just been packing and catching up with internet things.

Off to Wellington tomorrow...

though what I didn't realise was that the bus was booked for today. Yes lj friends, we booked the wrong day for the bus from Auckland to Wellington, only realising this afternoon when we checked out information.. yikes indeed.
Thankfully we managed to book 2 seats on tomorrow's bus but I was quite panicked for a while there. Plus we paid for a trip we didn't end up using.. meh
All our other bookings are for the right days though..

So I have all my books packed, everything that needs to be charged is charged ready for the trip tomorrow, have most of my clothing packed (few last things being washed and will be put in the dryer as soon as they come out) and my pre-numbered labels and other BookCrossing supplies ready.

So leaving Auckland just after 8 tomorrow morning (provided there isn't a big delay due to traffic) and arriving in Wellington around 8:15pm where we will be met at our stop by Jay/discoverylover, looking forward to seeing her again.

I have a few books packed to release during the stops.. and a lot to read on the bus!

6 weeks without an update

I have been blogging on my new (mostly) book and reading related blog found here and try to post there at least once a week. I do realise that I have been very slack with my livejournal but here is an update.

Have been busy with course lately and am still getting pretty good marks, mostly As with some Bs scattered in there as well. Just have 3 weeks left of my first course (the travel and tourism one, level 3) and then get a short break before starting the second course (International travel, tourism and IT, level 4)... have been thinking about going back to do the diploma level 5 course after I work for 2-3 years but that is something I will think about more in depth further down the road.

On my short break in April I am taking part in a road trip! Jay suggested to me that I go on a pre-convention (being the BookCrossing 2009 World Convention in Christchurch) road-trip along with some other people (and Erik too).. so the plan is
11th April: Erik and I will take the bus from Auckland to Wellington (which is about a 12 hour journey... yikes) where we stay with Jay
14th April: the road trippers take the ferry over to Picton and in Picton pick up two rental cars. Make our way to Hamner Springs where we stay overnight at a backpackers
15th April: Go from Hamner Springs, stopping off at Kaikoura while most of the group does whale watching (I'm going to explore Kaikoura instead along with Erik) and then heading through to Christchurch where me and Erik are staying with family for a couple of nights.
17th - 19th April: BookCrossing convention, staying at Christchurch Central YHA
19th April: flying back to Auckland in the afternoon, ready to start my level 4 course on the 20th.

So looking forward to it and have a bit to sort out before I go.. like what books am I taking and loading up Erik's iPod with some music (I lost my iPod at Parachute in January :( )

This morning I had church and going to youth group tonight (yeah I realise I am probably a bit old to be going to youth group but there are people who are older than me who go and the over 18 girls normally do our own thing anyway). Have started going to a young adults over 21 home group every second and fourth Tuesday of the month though I sometimes feel a bit lost as I haven't read the whole bible yet, just parts of it (I know I should read it everyday, funny how I can read all these books and find it hard to pick up that book.. must make an effort) and when the rest of the group have these deep type discussions that I can only follow bits of.. ah well I'll cope. Still haven't talked to Heather about finding me a mentor so will have to ask her next week.

Writer's Block: Conchordance

Who is cuter: Bret or Jemaine?

Bret.. though Jemaine is awesome too

Proper update coming this weekend

Found this on katma's lj

The first 5 people that respond to this post will get something made by me. It will be about, or tailored to, those first five people who respond.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year.
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a mix tape. It may be fic, or a poem. I may draw or paint something. I might bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure! (probably not likely I will draw or paint anything.. unless it is a stick figure in paint)
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange (you really should be worried at this point).

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well... pay it forward and all that.