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Kirsty's ramblings

4 October 1985
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Decided to get back into blogging after a year hiatus. My old journal was onasugarhigh but decided to start using this one (it was my writing journal) as a sort of fresh start journal.

Entries on here will be a mix of public and friends only entries. I'll be making modifications to this thing all the time so keep checking back.

Anyhow I'm 22 years old from Greymouth, West Coast, New Zealand.

I like a lot of stuff namely music, reading, BookCrossing, photography, watching tv/movies, writing and spending time with my nearest and dearest which includes my family, friends and my two cats Cola and Spook.
I mainly talk about random uninteresting stuff in here but occasionally you might get me talking about something important/of interest. And maybe photos - everyone loves photos, right?